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Address 500 Jackson Street MC60610 Columbus Indiana 47201 United States Phone: +1 812-377-9441 Website: Cummins Oil & Gas

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Cummins Gas Compression Solutions.

It doesn’t matter whether you are increasing pressure at the wellhead, utilizing gas lift techniques, boosting upstream production or operating a compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station; Cummins has the reliable power source for your compression package – one that keeps production up and maintenance costs down. Cummins offers a full range of proven gas compression engines from 41 hp to 760 hp (31-567 kW) for continuous operation.

Time-Tested And Proven Performance.

Every Cummins natural gas engine is built on the same base engine components used in Cummins diesel engines, including the block, crankshaft and connecting rods. Those components deliver exceptional durability, even in the harshest gas compression applications.

Your Clear Leader.

Cummins understands the demands of permitting engines that meet both U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and local emissions requirements for spark-ignited engines. Cummins offers multiple engine configurations to meet the stringent emissions requirements. Our complete solution for emissions requirements includes lean-burn and rich-burn systems with our EcoFit ™ Three-Way Catalyst (TWC), developed by Cummins Emission Solutions.

Assistance At Every Stage.

With Cummins, you’ll gain the advantage of complete on-site support through engineering, site planning, installation and start-up. Our comprehensive approach gives our customers unparalleled advantages for planning, implementation and life-cycle management. That includes our commitment to equipping operators with the right parts inventory and providing resources to train operators on-site. We stand ready to deliver industry-focused solutions and the broad infrastructure needed to help you meet the challenges of gas compression


Natural Gas Engines

ManufacturerManufacturerModelBore (mm)Stroke (mm)Displace Per Cylinder (L/cyl)No. Cylinders & Config.Output per Cylinder Range (kW) (min)Output per Cylinder Range (kW) (max)Rated Speed Range (r/min) (min)Rated Speed Range (r/min) (max)Max. Brake MeanOutput Range HP (min)Output Range HP (max)Output Range kW (min)Output Range kW (max)Rating Sys. & Stand. No.
Compact CompressionCompact CompressionCUMMINS 5.9 Liter1021200.981L5.910.5100018007.1478435.20363SAE J1995
Compact CompressionCompact CompressionCUMMINS 8.3 Liter1141351.379L6.912.4100018006559941.19574SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.GTA38GCE1591593.17V1235.447.213501800N/A570760425567SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.KTA19GCE1591593.176L31.552.212001800N/A254420189313SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.G8551401522.336L1323.310001800N/A10418878140SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.GTA8551401522.336L15.535.510001800N/A12528693213SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.QSL9G1141451.486L11.721.712001800N/A9017567130SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.G8.31141351.386L6.816.810002200N/A5513541101SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.GTA8.31141351.386L923.610001800N/A7219054142SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.G5.91021200.986L3.312.310002200N/A27992074SAE J1995
Cummins Inc.Cummins Inc.GTA5.91021200.986L614.410001800N/A481163687SAE J1995
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500 Jackson Street MC60610 Columbus Indiana 47201 United States

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