Hanwha Power Systems Co. Ltd.

Address Pangyo-Ro 319 Beon-Gil, Bundang-Gu Seongnam-Si,Gyeonggi-Do Seoul 13488 KoreaAdditonal Location(s) Via de Vizzi N. 93/95 Cinisello Balsamo 20092 Italy Phone: +82 70 7147 4085 Work Fax: +82 31 8018 3750 Website: Hanwha Website Ads In CTSS: Hanwha Power Systems Advertisement in CTSS Partners In Training: Hanwha Training Center

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Hanwha Power Systems strives to lead the compression systems industry by developing technology that covers industrial air compressors, engineered air and gas compressors, expanders, low temperature compressors and blowers. Based on over 35 years of accumulated experience in precision machine industry from Gas Turbine to Compressor Business, Hanwha Power Systems has been chosen by more than 1,000 customers worldwide. More than 4,700 industrial compressors developed by Hanwha Power Systems have been installed and successfully operated around the world for wide ranging industrial air and gas applications.


Centrifugal Compressors

ManufacturerManufacturerModelAxial Flow Multi- StageAxial Flow Fixed Stator VanesAxial Flow Variable Stator VanesRadial Flow Single StageRadial Flow Multi- StageRadial Flow Horiz. SplitRadial Flow Vertical SplitRadial Flow Intergral GearRadial Flow Intergral ElectricThermal Single StageThermal Multi- StageOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range acfm; Min.Inlet Flow Range acfm; Max.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Min.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Max.MAWP psigMAWP barCompression RatioMax. Input Power; hpMax. Input Power; kWSpeed Range RPM; Min.Speed Range RPM; Max
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM3000XXXOF19503100558826418.09136803600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM4000XXXOF310049508814026418.0135010103600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM5000XXXOF4950885014025026418.0180015403600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM6000XXXOF885012,40025035026418.0315023503600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM2100XXXOF7001950205516412.04503353600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM3100XXXOF19503250559218713.07805803600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM4100XXXOF325053009215018713.012009303600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM5100XXXOF5300885015025018713.0201015003600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM6100XXXOF885014,40025040818713.0335025003600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSM7100XXXOF14,40018,80040853318713.0415531003600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSE-32XXXXOF8360.010708003600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSE-45XXXXOF33660.0443033003600
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSE-65XXXXOF55060.0697052001800
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSE-82XXXXOF100060.011,20083501800
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSE-90XXXXOF139060.018,50013,8001800
Hanwha PSHanwha PSSE-110XXXXOF533060.029,20021,8001800
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Pangyo-Ro 319 Beon-Gil, Bundang-Gu Seongnam-Si,Gyeonggi-Do Seoul 13488 Korea

Via de Vizzi N. 93/95 Cinisello Balsamo 20092 Italy

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