Prime Mover Specifications

Size min
Size max
(kW) min
(kW) max
PolesVolt Range
(kV) min
Volt Range
(kV) max
Motor TypeFreq. HzVFD OperateSpeed Range VFD Opt minSpeed Range VFD Opt maxMotor Eff (%)
NPF (cos Phi)
Point Avail.
A/A = Air/Air
A/W = Air/Water
R =Rib-Coated
O = Open
BaldorQR-25 3 to 25 HP182284318420057560N8985YA/A
BaldorQT 3 to 15 HP182254311420057560N8985YA/A
BaldorQTS 1 to 5 HP14318414420823060N8985YA/A
BaldorQRDS 5 to 30 HP184286422420057560N8985YA/A
BaldorQRDT 5 to 30 HP184286422420057560N8985YA/A
Elin MotorenHKG (IC411)35556020022002 to 1811IM50, 60Y98YR
Elin MotorenHKR (IC511)710125040080002 to 2415IM50, 60Y98YA/A
Elin MotorenHKL (IC611)500125040016,0002 to 2415IM50, 60Y98YA/A
Elin MotorenHKH (IC7A0W7)35556013025002 to 811IM50, 60Y98YW
Elin MotorenMKH (IC7A0W7)2006303725002 to 100.41IM50, 60Y03000YW
Elin MotorenHKM (IC81W )450125030035,0002 to 2415IM50, 60Y98YA/W
Elin MotorenHRM Slip Ring500125050020,0002 to 815IM50, 6098YA/W
Elin MotorenSpecial Motors355140035,0002 to 3015IM50, 60Y98Y
GE Power ConversionFL2804502008002 to 8311IM50, 60Y13600971NR
GE Power ConversionF335556050025002 to 12311IM50, 60Y15000981NA/A A/W O
GE Power ConversionAKG35556020018002 to 12311IM50, 60Y13600981YR
GE Power ConversionN3450160050040,0002 to 30314IM50, 60Y13600981NA/A A/W O
GE Power ConversionN16301250400020,0002314IM50, 60Y15000981NA/A A/W O
GE Power ConversionNTG4501600150080002 to 12311IMN/AY13600981NA/W
GE Power ConversionMS8001600750050,0004 to 30314SM50, 60Y11800981NA/A A/W O
GE Power ConversionTM1000180015,000100,0002611SMN/AY5006500991NA/W
GE Power ConversionMGV450800150020,000239IMN/AY3,00015,000981NINTEGRATED
HitachiJS200035571063050002 to 1236IM50, 60Y5609590YA/A, A/W, O
HitachiJF20002505005522502 to 1236IM50, 60Y5609590YR
Siemens AGSimotics Hv Comapct Series315100015070002,4,6,8,10211IM50, 60Y3600YR, W
Siemens AGSimotics Hv Modular Series31580028019,0002,4,6,8,10313.8IM50, 60Y4800YA/A, A/W, O
Siemens AGSimotics Hv
Siemens AGHigh Power Series900160070,0002,4,6,8,10313.8IM/SM50, 60Y3,600YA/A, A/W, O
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Sys.Simotics Hv Specialized Series100,000 2,4,6,8,10314IM/SM50, 60Y15,900YA/A, A/W, R, W, O
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Sys.High-Speed Custom315120050080,000 2313IM, SM50, 60Y3,60018,00097.50.89YTEAAC, TEWAC
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Sys.High-Power Custom315120010,000 100,000 ANY313IM, SM50, 60Y1360097.50.89YTEAAC, TEWAC
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Sys.TM21-H3151,200 11025,000 ANY213IM50, 60Y1360097.50.89YTEFC, WPII,