Atlas Copco Extends ZH, ZH+ Compressor Range

Atlas Copco’s range of ZH and ZH+ oil-free centrifugal compressors has expanded to provide a wider range of flows and pressures to industrial process plants.

The new ZH and ZH+ compressors, featuring a power output of 630 to 1600 kW, join the 355 to 900 kW ZH compressor line and replace the former ZH 4000 to ZH 15000 units.

The ZH+ compressors are based on a plug-and-play concept, featuring intelligent control and remote monitoring capabilities. Those capabilities include Atlas Copco’s SmartLink performance data acquisition and monitoring program via the SmartBox installation.

The new units, designed for compressed air applications, also offer a smaller footprint compared to its predecessors and a 6% energy efficiency gain, even in extreme temperatures and humidity, Atlas Copco said. The entire ZH and ZH+ range is also ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2010) certified.

The compressors also come with the company’s Elektronikon electronic controller, designed to control the main drive motor and regulate system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. The controller can be adjusted by adding extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, internet and SMS communication functions, Atlas Copco said.

Other components, such as the backward-leaning impeller, carbon ring air seals and inlet guide vanes, are designed to reduce pressure drops and offer high air volume. Atlas Copco’s heat-of-compression MD, ND and XD dryers are also energy efficient, the company said.