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Atlas Copco Gas and Process brings innovative drive and decades of engineering experience to the production of cutting-edge turbomachinery. Our centrifugal and piston compressors, as well as our expanders, enable our clients to Do More in a wide range of markets and applications across the globe.


ManufacturerModelAxial Flow Multi- StageAxial Flow Fixed Stator VanesAxial Flow Variable Stator VanesRadial Flow Single StageRadial Flow Multi- StageRadial Flow Horiz. SplitRadial Flow Vertical SplitRadial Flow Intergral GearRadial Flow Intergral ElectricThermal Single StageThermal Multi- StageOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range acfm; Min.Inlet Flow Range acfm; Max.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Min.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Max.MAWP psigMAWP barCompression RatioMax. Input Power; hpMax. Input Power; kWSpeed Range RPM; Min.Speed Range RPM; Max
Atlas CopcoGT-SeriesXXXOF150247,00047 0002900200450,00037,00052,000
Atlas CopcoT-SeriesXOF880038,0002501080580401.258,00060003600
Atlas CopcoRT-SeriesXOF188,000382,500533010,80010172.560,00045,0006000
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  • Atlas Copco Acquires German Compressor Distributor
    Stockholm, Sweden-based Atlas Copco has announced the acquisition of the business of hb Kompressoren Druckluft- und Industrietechnik GmbH, a German company that distributes and services industrial air compressors and related systems for manufacturing and general industry.

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  • Atlas Copco Acquires Kohler Druckluft
    Atlas Copco has acquired the compressor business of Kohler Druckluft, with operations in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Kohler Druckluft is based in Eschen, Liechtenstein, and has about 30 employees. The company is an Atlas Copco compressor distributor and specializes in selling, renting and servicing industrial air compressors and air treatment systems.

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  • Atlas Copco Extends ZH, ZH+ Compressor Range
    Atlas Copco’s range of ZH and ZH+ oil-free centrifugal compressors has expanded to provide a wider range of flows and pressures to industrial process plants. The new ZH and ZH+ compressors, featuring a power output of 630 to 1600 kW, join the 355 to 900 kW ZH compressor line and replace the former ZH 4000 to ZH 15000 units.

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