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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International (MCO-I) provides global solutions to new unit sales, packaging, service, repair, and storage at our state-of-the-art, 26-acre manufacturing facility in Pearland, Texas, backed by local sales, engineering, and operation experts. Recognized by our customers as a leader in technology, quality, efficiency, and reliability, MCO-I’s vision is to expand our process compressor and mechanical drive steam turbine business by bringing our capabilities closer to customers in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Markets.

The turbomachinery manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation (MCO) supplies the gas and petrochemical industries around the world. Specifically, these products include the centrifugal and integrally geared compressors, which compress the air and gas necessary for production at production facilities such as chemical plants, gas plants, and steel works, as well as the steam turbines, which drive these compressors. These products are active in energy industry and petrochemical industry fields all over the world. The rotors we produce range up to diameters of over 2 meters and weights exceeding 10 tons. With over 100 years of expertise, MCO possess the world-leading design and production technologies needed to ensure high-speed and stable operation of these rotors.

Our centrifugal and integrally geared compressors and steam turbines are applied in a broad range of fields, ranging from the energy to petrochemical fields, which support the infrastructure of society. We deliver best-in-class customer experiences by honoring our values of integrity, social responsibility and harmony.


Centrifugal Compressors

ManufacturerMFGModelAxial Flow Multi- StageAxial Flow Fixed Stator VanesAxial Flow Variable Stator VanesRadial Flow Single StageRadial Flow Multi- StageRadial Flow Horiz. SplitRadial Flow Vertical SplitRadial Flow Intergral GearRadial Flow Intergral ElectricThermal Single StageThermal Multi- StageOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range acfm; Min.Inlet Flow Range acfm; Max.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Min.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Max.MAWP psigMAWP barCompression RatioMax. Input Power; hpMax. Input Power; kWSpeed Range RPM; Min.Speed Range RPM; Max CompressorH-TypeXXXOF/OI530,00015,000870602134,100100,000150020,000 CompressorV-TypeXXXOF/OI212,000600014,50010002134,100100,000300020,000 CompressorIntegrally GearedXXXOI600,00017,00029002002.593,90070,0001500100,000

Steam Turbines

ManufacturerManufacturerModelOutput Range hp minOutput Range hp maxOutput Range kW minOutput Range kW maxCycle Type Back PressureCycle Type CondensingFrame Config. E, IFrame Config. SF, DFNumber Frame SizesPressure barPressure PSIMax. Inlet Temp. C°Max. Inlet Temp. F°Max Steam Flow lb/sMax. Steam Flow kg/sSpeed Range rpm minSpeed Range rpm max
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14888 Kirby Dr. Houston Texas 77047 United States

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