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NEUMAN & ESSER is a company which builds high performance machines, such as reciprocating compressors, pendulum roller mills and impact classifyer mills, and related systems The number of resulting patents speaks for itself. They testify to the position “NEA” has as a premium brand, which is governed by a number of factors: The expertise and experience of staff, the innovative technological environment, and a specialized network of suppliers. Generations of staff have built up this knowledge, driven improvement processes and worked intensively on developing the products, in order to consolidate NEA’s position as the market leader in technology, and to secure quality for the future. The modern high technology precision machines in use at the German sites in Übach-Palenberg and Wurzen allow production to be tailored with great flexibility to changing customer requirements. In addition to manufacturing compressor and mill systems, NEUMAN & ESSER focuses on providing services.  By supplying spare parts around the clock, providing expert advice, and offering permanent availability, the service has won the trust of customers. NEAC Compressor Service pursues a consistent OEM strategy for piston compressor systems. Solutions to minimize shutdowns and maintenance costs are worked out in technical consultations with customers. This guarantees maximum operating availability.


Reciprocating Compressors

ManufacturerModelSingle StageMulti StageIntegral Engine DriveSeparableBalanced/OpposedDiaphragmOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range - acfm, Min.Inlet Flow Range - acfm, MaxInlet Flow Range - m3/min, Min.Inlet Flow Range - m3/min, MaxMAWP psigMAWP barMax. Allow Rod Load, lbMax. Allow Rod Load, newtonsCompress RatioMax. Input Power hpMax. Input Power kWSpeed Range RPM, minSpeed Range RPM, max
Neuman & Esser25XX X XOF/OI43,5003000562025,000200150900
Neuman & Esser40XX X XOF/OI43,5003000854038,0001601201000
Neuman & Esser30XX XXXOF/OI43,500300018,00080,000190014401200
Neuman & Esser80hsXXXXXOF/OI43,500300018,00080,000190014401800
Neuman & EsserV1XX X XOF/OI43,500300024,730110,0008906601800
Neuman & Esser63XX XXXOF/OI43,500300033,720150,000360027001800
Neuman & Esser150hsXXXXXOF/OI43,500300033,720150,000360027001200
Neuman & Esser130XX XXXOF/OI43,500300056,200250,000600045001000
Neuman & Esser250hsXXXXXOF/OI43,500300056,200250,000600045001000
Neuman & Esser190XX XXXOF/OI43,500300085,400380,000920068401000
Neuman & Esser320hsXX XXXOF/OI43,5003000105,700470,00011,30084601200
Neuman & Esser300XX XXXOF/OI43,5003000125,890560,00013,50010,080650
Neuman & Esser560hsXXXXXOF/OI43,5003000125,890560,00010,00075001200
Neuman & Esser320XX XXXOF/OI43,5003000193,340860,00020,80015,480600
Neuman & Esser700hsXXXXXOF/OI43,5003000193,340860,00020,80015,4801200
Neuman & Esser500XX XXXOF/OI43,5003000382,1801,700,00041,00030,600600
Neuman & Esser1500hsXXXXXOF/OI43,5003000382,1801,700,00041,00030,6001200
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Werkstrasse Ubach-Palenberg 52531 GERMANY

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