Controlled Expansion

The Centurion C5 features the M-View display, a full-color touchscreen that eliminates the need for a separate EICS display.

FW Murphy Production Controls’ latest iteration of its Centurion control was developed to take technology that has been a staple of the company’s product range and add new capabilities, new screens and a new way to manage fleets.

Since 2004, the Centurion (C3) line has put control in the hands of those who need it, the company said. Improvements in 2009 led to C4 and Centurion Plus, which introduced color HMI options and custom applications beyond the scope of the configurable C4.

The newest Centurion C5 is intended to enhance prior offerings, leveraging the technology of its Centurion predecessors with new M-View series displays. The new full-color touchscreens have the ability to show important details of not only the Centurion control, but also details from Murphy’s Engine Integrated Control System (EICS), eliminating the need for a separate EICS display.

“Centurion’s purpose has always been the single source of truth and knowing everything necessary about the application,” said Richard Harris, director of product management for FW Murphy. “When you have six places to search for information, key data can be missed and time lost. Centurion collects your important engine data, along with compressor and auxiliary equipment and serves it up at the HMI.”

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