Diesel & Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide

The Diesel And Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide is a powerful buyer’s guide and search resource for professionals in the engine systems industries. When looking for engines and engine systems components, knowledge is power. And the key to knowledge is information.
For more than 82 years, engineers and designers researching new component technologies have looked to Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications to provide that information.

Published annually, it is available for purchase at the KHL Storefront. OR visit the DSG Website at http://www.dieselgasturbineguide.net

Engine Guide
Information and specifications on diesel, gasoline and dual-fuel reciprocating engines and searchable specs

Gas Turbine Guide
Gas turbine and combined-cycle technology for power generation, marine and mechanical drive systems and searchable specs

Emissions Guide
Emissions-reduction technologies and the annually updated Global Emissions Standards Guide

Power Generation Guide
Power generation system products, technologies and searchable specs

Engine Systems Guide
Engine components and accessories including cooling systems, valve train components, forging and casting.

Power Transmission Guide
Information and searchable specs on mechanical transmissions, clutches, driveshafts and gear systems

Fuel Injection Guide
Fuel injection systems and internal engine components

Controls Guide
Electronic controls and systems

Hydraulics Guide
Mobile hydraulic components and systems and searchable specs