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Address Seiferitzer Allee 26 Meerane 08393 GERMANY Phone: +49 3764 5390-0 Website: Borsig Website CTSG Advertisement: Borsig ZM Advertisement in CTSG

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Commitment for life

Commitment for life – a compressor from BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH is lifelong decision. We offer our customers compressors and entire compressor systems that are durable, even in the most difficult conditions, in individual designs and outstanding quality.

Every compressor that leaves our company is a product of our integrated approach – from the planning, through manufacturing, assembly up to and including services, we supply you with products that are tailor-made to meet your needs.

Consistent customer orientation that goes hand-in-hand with expertise we have acquired over  generations has made us what we are today: one of the world’s leading compressor manufacturers for refineries, the chemical and petrochemical industry, natural gas storage and the transportation of technical gases as well as for power supply companies and power plants.

As a subsidiary of the BORSIG Group in Berlin, we operate at global level and provide our services across the world.


2024 CTSG Centrifugal Compressor Specifications

ManufacturerModelAxial Flow Multi- StageAxial Flow Fixed Stator VanesAxial Flow Variable Stator VanesRadial Flow Single StageRadial Flow Multi- StageRadial Flow Horiz. SplitRadial Flow Vertical SplitRadial Flow Intergral GearRadial Flow Intergral ElectricThermal Single StageThermal Multi- StageOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range acfm; Min.Inlet Flow Range acfm; Max.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Min.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Max.MAWP psigMAWP barCompression RatioMax. Input Power; hpMax. Input Power; kWSpeed Range RPM; Min.Speed Range RPM; Max
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHBTC SeriesXXX   OF 42528250012800029002003335252500048000

2024 CTSG Reciprocating Compressor Specifications

ManufacturerModelSingle StageMulti StageIntegral Engine DriveSeparableBalanced / OpposedDiaphragmOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range - acfm, Min.Inlet Flow Range - acfm, MaxInlet Flow Range - m3/min, Min.Inlet Flow Range - m3/min, MaxMAWP psigMAWP barMax. Allow Rod Load, lbMax. Allow Rod Load, newtonsCompress RatioMax. Input Power hpMax. Input Power kWSpeed Range RPM, minSpeed Range RPM, max
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHBX22XX  X OF/OI 145001000513401000400750
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHBX32XX  X OF/OI 145001000540233000270600
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHBX40XX  X OF/OI 145001000593877000200450
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHBX45XX  X OF/OI 14500100051609212000150400
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHBX50XX  X OF/OI 14500100052816121000110350
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHPV90 Vertical SeriesXXOF1015070053352504501500
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHPV110 Vertical SeriesXXOF1015070056004503601200
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHPV140 Vertical SeriesXXOF101507005940700295900
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHPV180 Vertical SeriesXXOF10150700520101500230750
BORSIG ZM COMPRESSION GMBHPV220 Vertical SeriesXXOF10150700533502500180600
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Seiferitzer Allee 26 Meerane 08393 GERMANY

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