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Address Franz-burckhardt-Strasse 5 P.O. Box 3352 Winterthur 8404 SWITZERLAND Phone: +41 (0) 52 262 55 00 Website: Burckhardt Website Ads In CTSS: Burckhardt Advertisements

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Burckhardt Compression is the worldwide market leader for reciprocating compressors systems. As single manufacturer and service provider that covers a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies and services. Its customized compressor systems are used in the upstream oil & gas, gas transport and storage, refinery, chemical, petrochemical and industrial gas sectors. Burckhardt Compression’s leading technology, high-quality compressor components and the full range of services help customers to minimize life cycle costs of their reciprocating compressor systems around the world. Since 1844 its highly skilled workforce has crafted superior solutions and set the benchmark in the gas compression industry.


Reciprocating Compressors

ManufacturerModelSingle StageMulti StageIntegral Engine DriveSeparableBalanced/OpposedDiaphragmOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range - acfm, Min.Inlet Flow Range - acfm, MaxInlet Flow Range - m3/min, Min.Inlet Flow Range - m3/min, MaxMAWP psigMAWP barMax. Allow Rod Load, lbMax. Allow Rod Load, newtonsCompress RatioMax. Input Power hpMax. Input Power kWSpeed Range RPM, minSpeed Range RPM, max
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 BYXX  X OF/OI23006014,500100022,500100,00041000800425850
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 CYXX  X OF/OI23006014,500100022,500100,00041000800425850
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 BFXXXOF/OI14,500100032,600145,000430002200300600
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 BSXX  X OF/OI710020014,500100045,000200,000432002400300600
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 CSXX  X OF/OI470013014,500100045,000200,000432002400300600
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 BXXX  X OF/OI10,60030014,500100078,500350,000472005400260520
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 BAXX  X OF/OI15,90045014,5001000124,000550,000412,7009500250500
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 BCXX  X OF/OI19,40055014,5001000202,000900,000421,70016,000300450
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 BEXX  X OI23,00065014,5001000382,0001,700,000442,10031,000300429
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MQXXXOF/OI290020014,60065,0004805600300500
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MYXXXOF/OI290020022,500100,000414751100300428
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MFxxxOF/OI290020027,000120,000417431300300428
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MSXXXOF/OI290020036,000160,000421451600300450
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MXXXXOF/OI290020072,000320,000472425400300420
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MAXXXOF/OI2900200101,000450,000474455550300333
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MCXXXOI2900200180,000800,000411,1658325300333
BurckhardtProcess Gas Api 618 MWXXXOI2900200278,8001,240,000421,72516,200300333
BurckhardtHyper HXX  X OI 14,200 40050,7603500410,7008000154.2257
BurckhardtHyper FXX  X OI 42,600 121050,7603500426,85020,000138.6231
BurckhardtHyper KXX  X OI 85,100 241050,7603500451,00038,000129215
BurckhardtLaby-Gi LP190XXXOF/OI45498834430135423301750450750
BurckhardtLaby-Gi LP250XXXOF/OI110498834472322453204000312520
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Franz-burckhardt-Strasse 5 P.O. Box 3352 Winterthur 8404 SWITZERLAND

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    Burckhardt Compression has opened a new service center in Bratislava, Slovakia. The service center will provide reciprocating compressor services of any brand to operators in the region, which includes Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

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    Burckhardt Compression announced that its Laby compressors are used to keep shale gas cool during transport from the United States to the United Kingdom. These ongoing shipments move US shale gas to the INEOS Grangemouth petrochemical site in Scotland, UK.

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