COMOTI – Romanian R&D Institute for Gas Turbines

Address 220D luliu Maniu Ave 061126 Bucharest 6 Romania Phone: +4 021 434 02 40 Website: Ads In CTSS: Comoti Advertisements

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Founded in 1985 as the Center for Research Science and Engineering for aviation engines – under the former institute of aviation INCREST, COMOTI becomes in 1996, due to institutional assessment and accreditation, National Institute for Research and Development for Gas Turbines – COMOTI .
National Institute of Research and Development for Gas Turbines – COMOTI is the only specialized unit in Romania which integrates scientific research, design, production, testing, testing, technology transfer and innovation in aircraft turbo engines, industrial gas turbine and blade machines high speed.


Centrifugal Compressors

ManufacturerModelAxial Flow Multi- StageAxial Flow Fixed Stator VanesAxial Flow Variable Stator VanesRadial Flow Single StageRadial Flow Multi- StageRadial Flow Horiz. SplitRadial Flow Vertical SplitRadial Flow Intergral GearRadial Flow Intergral ElectricThermal Single StageThermal Multi- StageOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range acfm; Min.Inlet Flow Range acfm; Max.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Min.Inlet Flow Range m3/min; Max.MAWP psigMAWP barCompression RatioMax. Input Power; hpMax. Input Power; kWSpeed Range RPM; Min.Speed Range RPM; Max
Comoti CCAE 9-125XXXXXOF658710700
Comoti CCAE 9-144XXXXXOF7510010700
Comoti CCAE 9-300XXXXXOF150200101100
Comoti CCAE 12-300XXXXXOF150200131450
Comoti CCAE 21-300XXXXXOF150200221800
Comoti CCAE 15-300xxxxxOF160215151600

Rotary Compressors

ManufacturerModelSingle StageMulti StageStraight LobeHelical LobeSingle ScrewSliding VaneLiquid-RingTrochoidalScrollOF = Oil Free OI = Oil InjectedInlet Flow Range - acfm, Min.Inlet Flow Range - acfm, MaxInlet Flow Range - m3/min, Min.Inlet Flow Range - m3/min, MaxMAWP psigMAWP barMax. Allow Rod Load, lbMax. Allow Rod Load, newtonsCompress RatioMax. Input Power hpMax. Input Power kWSpeed Range RPM, minSpeed Range RPM, max
ComotiECS 2.5/10XOl1310103014503600
ComotiECS 10/10XOl4810103710502000
ComotiECS 15/10XOl41110107510503200
ComotiECS 20/10XOl41310109010503700
ComotiECS 25/10XOl717101011010001700
ComotiECS 30/10XOl723101013210002100
ComotiECS 60/10XOl134210102506001700
ComotiECS 75/10XOL42526631520003000
ComotiECS 2.5/16XOl1316164014503600
ComotiECS 20/25XOl2725257517005100
ComotiECS 15/30XOl310303013212003600
ComotiECS 20/30XOl26303013216004800
ComotiECS 30/30XOl25303016016004600
ComotiECS 35/30XOl1724.5301525020003000
ComotiECS 60/30XXOl2742303045020003000
ComotiECS 80/30XOl4056303050020003000
ComotiECS 5/40 BXOL2740149020003000
ComotiCU 64GXOL1426265222969182
ComotiCU 90GXOL2826269816326529
ComotiCU 128GXOL416262619311484591
ComotiCU 64 HP(GM)XOL2745209022969182
ComotiCU 90 HPXOL210452013016326529
ComotiCU 200XOL2550452050011484591
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220D luliu Maniu Ave 061126 Bucharest 6 Romania

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