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Address 4410 Greenbriar Drive Stafford Texas 77477 United States Phone: +1 281-207-4600 Work Fax: +1 281-207-4612 Website: CPI Website Ads In CTSS: CPI Advertisement in CTSS

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Throughout the world, our customers count on us for service and solutions that keep their compressors, lubrication systems and business running. With our thorough knowledge of compressor operation and extensive field experience gained from years of collaboration with compressor manufacturers and users, we are proud to help drive growth in the markets we serve.

With roots dating back to 1897, CPI has grown tremendously, acquiring new technologies and services to better meet the global needs of today’s reciprocating compressor operators.

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4410 Greenbriar Drive Stafford Texas 77477 United States

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  • CPI Partners With Spartan Controls
    Compressor Products International (CPI) has formed a partnership with Spartan Controls, a Western Canada-based provider of instrumentation, engine controls and emissions products. The distribution agreement allows Spartan Controls to sell CPI-manufactured lubrication system components in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

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