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2024 CTSG Electric Motor Specifications

ManufacturerFrame Size minFrame Size maxOutput Range (kW) minOutput Range (kW) maxPolesVolt Range (kV) minVolt Range (kV) maxMotor TypeFrequency HzVFD OperationMin Spd Rng for VFDMax Spd Rng for VFDMotor Efficiency (%) At Rated Operating PointNormal Power Factor (cos Phi) Rated Operating PointExplosion Point AvailableCooling - A/A = Air/Air, A/W = Air/Water, R =Rib-Coated, O = Open
BAKER HUGHES - BRUSH Power GenerationMAX 7-29030,00040,0002616SM50 /60 HzY2400378098.15%0.95YA/A, A/W
BAKER HUGHES - BRUSH Power GenerationMAX 8-33540,00063,0002616SM50 /60 HzY2400378098.40%0.95YA/A, A/W
BAKER HUGHES - BRUSH Power GenerationMAX 8-36563,00075,0002616SM50 /60 HzY2400378098.40%0.95YA/A, A/W
BAKER HUGHES - BRUSH Power GenerationMAX 82-36575,000100,0002616SM60 HzY2520378098.40%0.95YA/A, A/W
BAKER HUGHES - BRUSH Power GenerationMAX 87-32075,000 100,000 26 16 SM50 HzY2400315098.25%0.95 YA/A, A/W
CATERPILLAR INC.CN Series450 to 5601119 to 37296, 84/4.16IM60Y600900, 1200WPII
CATERPILLAR INC.CN27856302700810IM50Y750IC611
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHHKG (IC411)355560200 25002 to 18 11 IM50, 60 Y  98.00  YR
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHHKR (IC511)7101,250 400 80002 to 24 15 IM50, 60 Y  98.00  YA/A
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHHKL (IC611)5001,250 400 160002 to 24 15 IM50, 60 Y  98.00  YA/A
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHHKH(IC7A0W7)355 560 130 25002 to 8 11 IM50, 60 Y  98.00  YW
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHMKH (IC7A0W7)2006303730002 to 100.41IM50, 60 Y010000YW
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHHKM (IC81W )4501250300350002 to 24 15IM50, 60Y  98 YA/W
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHHRM Slip Ring5001250500250002 to 8 15IM50, 60    98 YA/W
ELIN MOTOREN GMBHSpecial Motors3551400 350002 to 30 15IM50, 60Y  98 Y
GE POWER CONVERSIONFL2804502008002 to 8311IM50, 60Y13600970.92NR
GE POWER CONVERSIONF335556050025002 to 12311IM50, 60Y1500097.50.92NA/A A/W O
GE POWER CONVERSIONAKG3555602001,8002 to 12311IM50, 60Y13,600981YR
GE POWER CONVERSIONN Series450, 6301250, 1600500 to 40008000 to 40,0002 to 30314IM50, 60Y13600, 5000981NA/A A/W O
GE POWER CONVERSIONMS8001,600750050,0004 to 30314SM50, 60Y11,800981NA/A A/W O
GE POWER CONVERSIONTM10001,80015,000100,0002611SMN/AY5006,500991NA/W
GE POWER CONVERSIONMGV4508001,50020,000239IMN/AY300015,000981NINTEGRATED
HITACHI IND. PRODUCTS, LTD.HyMD4007102658,5002 to 12314IM50, 60Y5609590YA/A, A/W, O
HITACHI IND. PRODUCTS, LTD.JF2000250500552,2502 to 1236IM50, 60Y5609590YR
TECO WESTINGHOUSEPDH215T405T8754230600IM60Y31209288YR
TMEICHigh-Speed Custom400Special500 to 10,00070,000 to 100,0002214IM50 and upY3,00012,000981YTEAAC, TEWAC
TMEICHigh-Power Custom630 Special1000025,000 to 70,000Any2 14 IM or SM50, 60Y1 3,600 98 0.8YTEAAC, TEWAC
TMEICTM 21 Series315 1,200 16025000Any2 14 IM50, 60Y1 3,600 98 0.8YTEFC, WPII, TEAAC, TEWAC