Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine hits new milestone

In recent years, oil and gas operators across the supply chain have faced increased pressure to improve efficiency and minimize environmental impacts. During this time, Siemens’ SGT-750 industrial gas turbine has been frequently selected for power generation and mechanical drive applications.
Optimized for direct drives without intermediate gears and with a rotational speed of 6100 rpm, the 41 MW SGT-750 gas turbine enables long intervals between maintenance events, helping customers increase production uptime and reduce facility lifecycle costs, Siemens said. Since the first unit went into service in 2013, the fleet has accrued more than 61,000 hours of operating service worldwide.
In 2018, the SGT-750 turbine underwent its first hot path overhaul at 36,000 hours. The components that were inspected showed minimum wear and demonstrated the capability to further extend the overhaul cycle, Siemens said.
The SGT-750 Goes To Mexico
In 2015, Siemens supplied three SGT-750s to Mexican midstream operator Fermaca for use in its El Encino compression station in Chihuahua. The trains recently became operational and play a key role in transporting natural gas from Waha, Texas, to power plants and industrial parks in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango, as well as to central and western Mexico.
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